Email from Lovejoy ISD Superintendent to Lucas City Manager concerning Air Horn

From: Robert Patrick
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 12:49 PM
To: Kathy Wingo
Subject: e-mail from Lovejoy ISD Superintendent sent 08-12-09.

District Leaders,

I have conferred today with Lucas City Manager, Robert Patrick. The city has requested that we do not allow train horns/air horns at Leopard Stadium out of respect of our neighbors. I agree that this is a reasonable request and we will voluntarily comply. We will ask our security force to enforce this without exception at all home football games. This requirement will apply to both home and visitor teams.

Bruce, please draft a letter under my signature to go to each school district that is scheduled to play at our facility this season advising them of this requirement. Since we have a meeting of our District 13-3A council tomorrow, we will hand deliver them this letter.

Thanks for your assistance to ensure that we are good neighbors in the Lucas community.



Ted Moore
Lovejoy ISD