What are the Lovejoy School Board and Administration hiding?....

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AG Opinion on Public information request for Misappropriation of Funds in McKinney ISD (April 28, 2008)
This is the request that started the harassment of three mothers in Lovejoy ISD.
One was banned from the campus, another - a teacher was fired and banned, the third is the site webmaster and was subpoenaed.

The Attorney General ruled against Lovejoy ISD and required them to turn over the requested documents which show that Lovejoy ISD's Asst Superintendent, Dennis Muizers was let go from McKinney ISD for allegedly misappropriating funds to Mark Slavin, stepson of Ted Moore, Lovejoy ISD's superintendent. Mr. Slavin is now employed at Lovejoy as well.

Public information request documents here

AG Opinion on Public information request for the teacher's written statement used as the reason to ban the mother from campus (August 6, 2008)
Laura Goodson was banned from campus for allegedly making defamatory statements against the superintendent. She was later cleared of making these statements.
The Lovejoy attorney told M.s Goodson that Lovejoy teacher, Ms, Hendrix made a written statement accusing Ms. Goodson of defaming Ted Moore. This is not true as can be seen from Ms. Hendrix statement.
When Ms Goodson, asked to see a copy of the teacher's written statement used to ban her from campus, she was told she would have to file a public information request to get it.

Ms. Goodson filed a public information request and the Lovejoy attorney responded that it was not clear. After clarification, the Lovejoy attorney told Ms Goodson, the request would cost $871 (which the AG took issue with).
After a reader of this site offered to pay for the public information request, Ms Goodson received a letter from the Lovejoy attorney informing her that the letter had been placed in a personnel file and challenged the public information request with the Attorney General.

The Attorney General ruled against Lovejoy AGAIN.
Below is the teacher's written statement. No where does Ms Hendrix state that Ms. Goodson made any defamatory remark concerning Ted Moore, Lovejoy ISD superintendent.
Lovejoy trumped up the charges as an excuse to ban a mother from campus.
Laura Hendrix Statement, Lovejoy ISD Teacher of the Year

AG Opinion on Public Information Request for the reasons Ted Moore gave the Lovejoy ISD School Board in a public meeting for firing the Lovejoy ISD "Teacher of the Year".


Lovejoy's attorney tries to keep this information from the public by claiming that a district employee is a whistle blower. The AG states they can't find any law that has been violated, therefore there can be no whistle blower. Despite no law being violated, Ted Moore still recommends that the teacher be fired. Could it be because he prematurely blurted out his personal business to the teacher and he could not risk having her on campus with that information?