LISD Administration Libels Lovejoy Parents

Cyber Terrorism is a CRIME. Lovejoy administration used a TASB convention platform to send a message to Texas school board members and administrators that parents who advocate for their children and attempt to hold administration accountable are criminals.

Below is one slide presented at the TASB Convention in Houston September 2010: TASB

Parents of special needs children whom Lovejoy ISD refused to identify or provide legally required services for, were directed by the Texas Education Agency to file OCR complaints with the Department of Education. This is not criminal activity as stated by Ted Moore, LISD superintendent and the Lovejoy School Board.
Parents who call the TEA to inquire about the legality of Lovejoy ISD skipping 6th grade math are not criminals, but good parents advocating for their children.
The TEA investigator who of his own volition investigated alleged misappropriation of funds by Lovejoy administration is also not engaging in criminal activity.

A Lovejoy parent was honored to be asked to serve on Governor Perry's 65% Citizen Task Force and flew to Austin at their own expense.
This is also not criminal activity as claimed by Moore, Muizers and Westbrook.

Contacting local and state representatives and being a part of the democratic process is not criminal activity either.