Please Help Me Get Books for My School Classes


My name is [redacted]. I am a 4th Grader at [redacted] (an elementary school in Lovejoy ISD).

Although I am in the Gifted and Talented program, I am being kept away from something I need to learn . . . books! Because of this, I, and those who read better than listen, are harmed deeply by lacking this form of knowledge and information.

The use of no Math Books was also the method of my Regular Class before I started GT. To find out if other students had books, I surveyed around the playground.

While doing these surveys, earlier in the year, I noted at least THREE kids that had no idea what a math textbook is!

The few kids who said that they had a book said they only had touched it for the glossary!

Guess what else! Our science book is older than me! My science teacher actually said it was too old to cover modern science.

I went with my Dad to the School Board to ask that we get textbooks but they have not done anything. My dad says the school is running a “Dummy Factory.”

Please help me find out what they have done with the money for the books and help me get books.

Thank you,

LISD 4th grader