Ted Moore's Presentation to Community Leaders
in a Secret Invitation-Only Meeting
The Public Meeting July 22nd Q&A was canceled by Mr. Moore


The purpose of responding to this presentation is not to inflame the current situation, but to more fully inform the ENTIRE community who deserve more information than was presented to a select few. Those advocating for children are forced by this presentation to defend themselves.

Superintendents receive political training as well as educational training. This communication hopes to address real issues in Lovejoy ISD along with the Mr. Moore's political rhetoric. This site provides Lovejoy residents additional information to enable them to arrive at a more fully informed conclusion.

Mr. Moore's presentation is on the LEFT SIDE of this page.

On the RIGHT side is a rebuttal.


Lovejoy ISD Superintendent,
Ted Moore's Presentation

National Enquirer?

An analysis of the Presentation and Use of Propaganda Techniques

The National Enquirer?

Propaganda Technique Used -
Negative Transfer - Negative Association

Mr. Moore attempted to make the Lovejoy audience view the Lovejoyschools.com web site with the same skepticism it would view the "National Enquirer". He implied that the Lovejoyschools.com site is not credible and provides questionable data instead of factual data.

Mr. Moore hoped the audience will believe that Lovejoy ISD should be the only trusted source for information.

Mr. Moore failed to mention that Lovejoyschools.com is full of factual data from easily verifiable public sources, INCLUDING Lovejoy ISD, the Attorney General office , the Collin County Tax District, McKinney ISD, federal and state agencies.

The forum clearly states:
Open invitation to the Lovejoy ISD administrators and community:
If anything on the web site is incorrect or the status has changed on posted material, PLEASE email the webmaster immediately and the corrections will be made.

The forum is open for ALL OPINIONS that may or may not be factually accurate. The credibility of statements must be discerned by forum readers. LINK

Mr. Moore and other school official have had over six years to contact the site administration to notify them of any errors and have never done so.




Shifting Blame-
Mr Moore is trying to shift blame from the Lovejoy administration to a web site that documents official activities.

These issues all have to do with image. The children are not mentioned.

"Obstacle to recruiting best and brightest teachers and administrators"
This slide presents information which contradicts information previously published by Ted Moore. Which statement is the public to believe?

Email Express Summer Edition June 13, 2007
New Hires for 2007-08
Our LISD principals are working diligently to complete the hiring process during the month of June. Again, Lovejoy ISD is very fortunate to have a deep pool of quality applicants-this year we have over 50 applications per open position. The pool is deep at every level, elementary, middle, and high school.


"Obstacle to retaining the best and brightest staff "
Who is responsible for retaining the best and brightest staff? Lovejoyschools.com?
Mr. Moore recommended that the first Lovejoy Middle School "Teacher of the Year" be fired. This site has exposed this and is advocating that the "Teacher of the Year" be rehired.

Ted Moore and the School Board fired the teacher because she supposedly heard a "rumor" about Mr. Moore from a parent. The parent has been cleared of spreading the rumor. Where does that leave the teacher? So far - Fired.

"Creates a negative impression among future residents"
Why is Lovejoy ISD more concerned about FUTURE residents, than EXISTING residents? Was the school created for furthering real estate interests or educating Lovejoy children?

"Creates issues of trust among current residents"
LovejoySchools.com has archived the information that Lovejoy has provided the community for years. Lovejoy ISD has repeatedly provided incorrect information when promoting bond issues -examples being promised tax rates & curriculum which included regular AND Pre-AP/AP classes.
Trust in the district can be easily earned -
-Distribute honest, professional factual information.
-Eliminate issuing any business contracts to current and past school board members.
-Identify children with learning differences and provide needed services required by law.
-Buy property because it is the best location for the community, not for the benefit of school board members or foundation members to sell as outstanding commericial property or developers to gain sewer access.
-All meetings should be open to the public as required by law, eliminating secret meetings for a select crowd.
-Respect our hard-earned dollars and make sure every penny possible is going towards the kids, not administrative meals and travel expenses
-Spend our tax dollars on our kids, not attorney fees to write letters to the Attorney General in an effort to keep public information out of public hands
-Hire the best qualified people, not those who were forced to resign from their previous district for alleged misappropriation of funds.
-Answer parent questions completely and honestly and don't retaliate against those who ask questions.
-Put credit card statements online instead of charging over $200 for the public information request for the statements.

Slide 3

"How widespread is the Fierce Opposition"
Reverse Bandwagon Technique-
There is safety in numbers and there are only five people who are questioning activities in this district. Whose side do you want to be on?

Right and might don't always go march together.

"Five women who have appeared to have appointed themselves as the leaders of the Lovejoy ISD opposition."

Propaganda Technique-
Pinpointing the Enemy

Mr. Moore intended to simplify a complex situation by presenting this group as the enemy. Moore knew that the audience he invited to the private meetings was susceptible to this sort of propaganda since many of those he invited had previously expressed an opposition to the Lovejoyschools.com site. Some of the site's loudest naysayers have benefited from the school in some way.

Mr. Moore's remarks leave a subtle impression that he feels women should not address educational or financial issues.

Propaganda Techniques used
Assertion -energetic statement presented as a fact that is not necessarily true

Mr. Moore implies that it is wrong for individuals in the community to ask questions or have a voice. He implies that community leadership which is not controlled by the district should not exist.
He implies that only five are questioning the administration, while in reality there are many more and the numbers are growing daily based on the emails the site admin receives.

Card-stacking - build a highly-biased case for your position

"To date, one of these five have filed complaints on Lovejoy ISD on our academic program with..."
Mr. Moore omitted the key reasons why the alleged complaints were made.

Mr. Moore attempted to gain sympathy from the audience and did not mention that he denied numerous requests to provide the research behind Lovejoy's narrow, all Pre-AP curriculum.

Moore does not mention that there have been multiple requests for regular track classes to be added to curriculum (as differentiated from pre-AP)

Mr. Moore does not mention that several of these agencies were contacted for fact finding or because they have a vested interest in making sure that educational opportunities are available to all kinds of students.

The only oversight public schools have is local control. Every taxpayer is responsible to monitor the three pillars of a great school - finances, curriculum, and staff. Doing so is a service to the community.

As a recipient of federal and state funds, Lovejoy is required to operate under the laws of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions. Citizens have the right to address their grievances with federal and state agencies after Lovejoy refused to resolve issues.

According to the TEA, Lovejoy's math curriculum which skips sixth grade math violates Texas Education Code. The TEA cannot enforce this - parents must go to the school board to ask them to follow Texas Educational Statutes.

Slide 4

Propaganda technique used -
Card Stacking which omits key

"Through August of 2005, the focus of the opposition was directed at the district or the board of trustees."

Mr. Moore tried to make the audience believe that the "five women" merely transferred their opposition to board decisions to him, in order to portray himself as a victim of their complaints.

The audience is not told that residents are concerned that the board and Moore implemented unequal educational opportunities and failed to adequately answer concerns of excessive administrative spending.

Mr. Moore failed to mention that before 2005, the Lovejoyschools.com site focused on financial accountability due to questionable land purchases and lack of financial planning and reporting for the new secondary schools.

Parents in the district were forced to find alternative schooling for their children. These individuals are attempting to affect positive changes after having been contacted by numerous parents at wits end attempting to get LISD to address their children's needs. This site is about ensuring that student's needs are met.

"During last Fall's campaign, the focus became more directly aimed at the superintendent."

Mr. Moore attempted to personalize the bond election, attempting to show that those who questioned items in the last bond election were personally out to get him.

Mr. Moore did not state Lovejoyschools.com reported that only 49.9% of tax dollars was going into the classroom.

Lovejoyschools.com recommended less money be spent on administration and more money be spent to build classrooms and provide more EDUCATIONAL opportunities for all kinds of learners.

Mr. Moore and the school board voted to present a bond which funded a garden and an indoor football facility instead of expanding classroom space and class offerings in the secondary schools.

Slide 5

"Warned that my career would be ruined."
Propaganda Technique used-
- energetic statement presented as a fact that is not necessarily true

Unknown source and no proof or documentation.
Ted Moore seemed to imply that a group is only interested in ruining his career and the school, not in improving educational opportunities. He apparently hoped the audience would accept this without question and without searching for additional information.

He is appealing to everyone's emotion of sympathy and hoping they will empathize with his career being ruined.

The subject matter of the emails is not addressed. The career of the "Teacher of the Year" is of no concern to Mr. Moore who recommended she be fired. The audience is to focus on Mr. Moore and sympathize with him, even though his actions are the reason this presentation exists to begin with.

"Declaration that the school of choice would take care of itself."
This statement is unclear.

Assertions, like he is the good guy and they are the bad guys leaves glaring omissions of fact and is a common form of propaganda.

Factual omissions include:
"Taking aim at our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction."
Moore fails to mention that Dennis Muizers, Lovejoy Asst. Superintendent, was forced to resign from McKinney ISD pending an investigation alleging misappropriated funds.

Muizers has implemented an unequal curriculum which does not address the learning needs of all students.

Lovejoy hired a well-respected consultant, Dr. Lee Alvoid, to develop a new secondary curriculum, which the voters approved Feb. 2003.
She does not agree with the removal of regular track classes from the curriculum.

"Unfortunately, some of my family events apparently became enmeshed in the Lovejoy political climate."
Card stacking
Moore fails to mention that he is responsible for his family events becoming enmeshed in the Lovejoy political climate by hiring his stepson, Mark Slavin, who used the school server to send emails about personal family matters.

Moore fails to mention that he also hired Mark Slavin's previous boss, Dennis Muizers, who was forced to resign from McKinney ISD pending an investigation alleging misappropriating funds that benefited Mark Slavin.

Some believe "the defamation campaign" was actually started by Mr. Moore himself to "front the story".
One option commonly taken by political figures is to try to "get in front of the story" by voluntarily disclosing as much information as possible, and by projecting an aura of nondefensive cooperation with legal and media inquiries. At the other end of the spectrum is a strategy of denouncing questions as illegitimate or politically motivated, disclosing little information, and hoping the storm will pass. Washington Post


Slide 6 has been omitted by Site Admin.

The slide includes an email supposedly sent by Laura Goodson. We believe the email was doctored to attribute the email to her.
The text of email includes a reference to other emails about allegations about Ted Moore. The TEA is currently investigating the allegations. The allegations have never, nor will be posted on this site.

If you would like to see Slide 6, this presentation is public information and can be requested by anyone in the district.


Card Stacking.
Mr. Moore presented an email in which he
attempted to show defamation against his character. He did not inform his audience that he is subject to an in depth investigation as a result of the emails written on the school server. He criticized the messengers within the community whose primary concern is the children.

Moore also failed to mention that the school board did not report this serious allegation to state authorities as is required by Texas law.

School boards in many other districts put an administrator on leave for the duration of lesser investigations. The Lovejoy School Board nominated Mr. Moore as Superintendent of the Year and voted to fund his defense against the TEA investigation.

Slide 7 The controversial family emails could have been included in this presentation to the public as well as Laura Goodson's alleged email but they were omitted. Once again, only one side is given, and the content of the emails is not addressed.
Slide 8

Is there documentation to substantiate this claim?

Mr. Moore unprofessionally attacks individuals rather than address and solve the issues which these individuals bring forward.

Residents expect that the Lovejoy ISD school board and superintendent to focus their attention on the best education their tax dollars can provide their children, not personal matters.

Slide 9

Documentation on Mr. Muizers from a post

Mr. Moore knew about the "alleged misappropriation of funds" when he recommended Mr. Muizers be hired at Lovejoy ISD.

Did the Lovejoy School Board Trustees?
If so, why would they hire him?
If not, why would they trust Ted to be completely truthful now, and take his recommendation that the "Teacher of the Year" be fired?

If there is nothing to hide the TEA will exonerate all parties.
Isn't it prudent to ask for an OUTSIDE investigation rather than have Tonya Vining investigate her boss, Ted Moore?

Slide 10

Positive Transfer
By this quotation, Ted Moore attempted to transfer the positive feeling the audience has with the Bible to a feeling that he is a man of integrity and perhaps a man of faith. He presented himself as a man of integrity, walking the straight path, while the "five women" are taking the crooked path.


Slide 11

I can be trusted....
Mr. Moore would like to meet with parents individually rather than face public scrutiny, where those with more information can challenge the facts presented.

Lovejoyschools.com has long promoted a "grassroots campaign to support the district and balance the negative".

Ignoring negative issues does not turn them into positives, only addressing real issues in the district will accomplish that end.

The most helpful grassroots effort would be for the community to form a group to go through finances with a fine-tooth comb and recommend better use of our limited tax dollars.