Lovejoy's All Advanced Curriculum

ALL Lovejoy secondary students are required to take ALL pre-AP/AP core classes.
Lovejoy has refused parental requests for regular track core class offerings.

The bright students are bored, the average students struggle.
Bright students, or students who are good in one subject are bored in pre-AP classes while teachers continually repeat information for students who struggle with pre-AP classes. Not EVERY student is strong in EVERY subject, in fact few are.
The end result of this experiment is that every students loses.

Parents have speculated for years that Lovejoy could not afford to propertly operate the new high school when opened.
Lovejoy chose to ONLY fund pre-AP & AP core classes for grades 6th-11th,
despite promises to the community that regular track classes would be offered as well as 32 pre-AP & AP classes, plus GT classes. Many predicted that Lovejoy could not afford to offer all the classes promised, but it never occurred to anyone that Lovejoy ISD would ELMINATE CORE REGULAR TRACK classes offered by EVERY OTHER TEXAS DISTRICT!

Read about it in the Dallas Morning News article:
New high school sets bar high for students Lucas: All those incoming at Lovejoy will be on pre-AP track.
Dr. Goddard, 36, Lovejoy High School principal states: “He said Texas requires that schools cover the same material in advanced and regular courses, but regular courses are less difficult. Requiring students to take pre-AP courses will give all a chance to take AP courses later, he said.“
"Why have two tracks based on the same curriculum?" Superintendent Ted Moore said. "You don't negotiate the standard down; you negotiate the support up. Some kids are going to require more support than others."

The Lovejoy administration is proud of their advanced-only philosophy. It should help to deter average children and children with learning differences from attending Lovejoy ISD and keep ratings high!

Lovejoy school officials say their payoff came from unusually high standards in that district. The district last year added grades six through nine, which meant first-ever TAKS testing at middle and high school levels.
Every student in the small district's new high school took pre-Advanced Placement classes last year. Superintendent Ted Moore believes that move protected the district's rating. 

Lovejoy has historically neglected children with learning differences and special education funding reflects this. Many of these children have left the district. How do children with learning difference survive in a district which only funds honors classes?

Lovejoy ISD spends incrementally less every year on the children who need the most help....

One Lovejoy parent's opinion..
Lovejoy ISD prides itself on excellence, but at what cost?

The district touts the AP-track curriculum for all students and high TAKS scores while ignoring the undue stress felt by students, parents and teachers.

My children manage to keep up but constantly ask to be home-schooled.

Often the school receptionists appear harried and bothered to have to help parents or students. My calls to the school tend to be answered abruptly, as if I've interrupted something important.

This attitude is not the Lovejoy way that was predominant when we moved here seven years ago.

With the influx of new families and fast departure of seasoned teachers came expectations from a few parents hoping their child will end up at Harvard.

One parent was confronted by a concerned teacher because their second-grade daughter's Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT) score taken in September was only 2.3 (testing at a second grade level the third month into school). According to the teacher, average was not good enough because Lovejoy kids routinely test higher.

Meanwhile the quiet majority struggles with the increasing demands placed upon our kids.....
Entire Letter to the Editor, Dallas Morning News

Lovejoy ISD states on their web site that THEY are setting the new standard for Public Education. (Picture of Lovejoy web site)


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