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Is Homeschooling best for my child?

The decision to homeschool should not be taken lightly. Each child is different. What might be good for one, may not be the best decision for the other. Homeschooling is a time consuming, but rewarding experience.

This study many address some concerns a parent might have about homeschooling.
Homeschooling Grows Up

Homeschool in Public School?
The Texas legislature passed legislation this past session that will allow Connections Academy to operate in the state of Texas. They are currently in discussions with several districts concerning partnerships that will allow them to serve students in those districts for the 2004-2005 school year.
Connections Curriculum

The legislation (SB 1108) allows public schools to offer to their students electronic courses and to receive state funding for the participation of these students. It was signed by Governor Perry on June 20 and went into effect immediately.

The recently passed appropriations bill also authorizes a statewide program for online courses through a technology pilot program for online instruction. Under this pilot program, Connections Academy may consider developing a statewide virtual charter school next year.

If you are a parent who is willing to work hard to create a school that would help students who:

  • Would benefit from a program that provides a flexible personalized learning plan adapted to his/her learning style and interests
  • Are ahead or behind their peers in one or more subject areas
  • Are bored or frustrated or scared in school
  • Would benefit from a flexible schedule
  • Miss a lot of school due to illness or other problems
  • Would benefit from a public school education at home

What your child should know and when
Education World Standards
Standards for Math
Core Knowledge
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International Standards
Course of Study

Homeschool Groups and Organizations that serve our area.
MArCH - McKinney Area Christian Homeschoolers
PEACH - Plano Educational Association of Christian Homeschoolers
PATH - Plano Association of Homeschoolers
North Texas Academy
RHSA - Richardson Homeschool Association
Metrocrest Homeschool Support Group
Homeschoolers EXCEL
North Texas Christian Homeschoolers
North Texas Home Educators Network
Texas Home School Coalition

Homeschool Links

Homeschool Legal Defense Association
National Home Education Research Institute
ADHD of the Christian Kind
About Homeschooling - An About site about Homeschooling
The Education Revolution
Eclectic Homeschool Site
Teach At Home

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