Texas Public Information Act

Much of the information on the site has been obtained either through the use of the Texas Public Information Act or is in the public domain. We urge parents and taxpayers to read and utilize both the Texas Public Information Act and the Open Meetings Act.

Many of your elected representatives and school administration do not understand these or comply with them to the extent they should. They are two very important tools in helping ensure that "public servants" do a better job of "serving" children and residents.

If administrators or elected officials cannot or will not provide answers or you don't believe you are being told the "straight scoop", these are tools you can utilize to obtain information.

Any member of the public can submit a request for public information. The recipient of the request cannot legally ask you why you want information.

The Open Records Division provides an Open Government Hotline staffed by investigators who specialize in both the Public Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. These investigators can answer questions regarding these laws and can help resolve disputes involving the open government laws.
The Hotline can be reached at (512) 478-OPEN (6736) or
toll-free at (877) OPEN TEX (673-6839).







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