Lovejoy Administration and School Board
Progress Report

May 2005



The Lovejoy School Board unanimously voted to build secondary schools Nov, 2002.

The Lovejoy community voted to build Feb 1, 2003 based on the following information provided to the public by the school board members listed below and the official election judge hired by LovejoyISD.

Information provided to the public
Lovejoy ISD
keeps promise?

We have a secondary operating budget.
December 11th, 2002
Rich Hickman, Lovejoy School Board President


Still no secondary operating budget.
Jan 2006- Over three years later, three months before Lovejoy takes possession of the secondary building, and 7 months beforethe high school OPENS!

One hundred citizens petitioned the Legislative Budget Board to require Lovejoy to provide a budget.
Lovejoy did provide general financial information, but no secondary operations budget.


"If Lovejoy builds, its tax rate for 2003 is estimated to be in the low $1.60's for 2003 - a 30-cent advantage."

Election judge hired by Lovejoy to run the consolidation election stated in a Jan 21, 2003 postcard to residents:

"We don't understand how..... jumping to the higher tax rate in Allen is a benefit? We're not CPAs but our budget tells us if we can enjoy Lovejoy's $1.60 tax rate for a year or two while Lovejoy builds we saved money."
"This isn't just a school issue, it is a TAX issue. .....It makes sense, the only way to safeguard your wallet is to keep local control of your taxes by voting against consolidation.


Tax rate was raised to $1.70 year 2003-2004. This was highest the board could raise the tax rate and not subject it to a rollback election. They passed this rate four months after the successful bond election that promised a $1.60 tax rate 2003-2004.

Lovejoy superintendent denied sending Dec. 6th, 2002 letter that stated the tax rate would remain $1.60.

Tax rate raised again year 2004-2005 to $1.8234


The demographics of Lovejoy are equally divided between households with children and households whose children were grown or would not attend Lovejoy secondary schools.

A lower tax rate appealed to both, but especially to households whose children are grown.

Small class sizes
2003-2006 some class sizes are at or over 25 children
"Less overcrowding at all levels from elementary to high school"

Lovejoy elementary so overcrowded that it is closed to new students. ALL new students will be transferred to Hart elementary.

"Lovejoy ISD is in good financial shape to build secondary schools"
Lovejoy ISD had to pay an unexpected $5 million in recapture, not included in their original high school startup cost projections.

No secondary operations budget to determine financial shape secondary schools will be in when opened or the affect the secondary will have on elementary.
Lovejoy can provide for special needs, learning differences

Numerous parents of children with learning differences have removed their children from Lovejoy ISD.

No budget to determine what services will be offered.

Special needs serviced by Collin County Coop that services ten districts.

Lovejoy did not apply for $33,987 in No Child Left Behind funds (Title I) available to Lovejoy 2003-2004 school year, based on their average daily attendance (ADA). Applying for these funds, would increase Lovejoy's accountability and oversight for these children.

Regular track offerings PLUS "Many advanced offerings:
32 pre-AP and AP classes, plus 15 advanced courses for grades 6-8"

Promised curriculum removed from official Lovejoy site, but copy of it saved here:
Backup copy of curriculum


New Lovejoy curriculum DROPS regular track offerings due to insufficient funds?

Only the gifted student will be served at Lovejoy with ONLY pre-AP and AP offerings.

Still no line-item budget available to plan for children.

Middle schoolers will not be housed with high schoolers. Middle school will be built 2008
Will depend on growth
With elementary overcrowding there is discussion of building the elementary before the middle school.
Your children will be safer at Lovejoy

Lucas has only one police officer. The roads leading to the high school are very dangerous. There have already been many accidents at that intersection.

The state required Lovejoy to add a right turn lane in front of the high school. Will these road improvements be enough to prevent serious accidents?

How will discipline children be handled?

No security plan has been presented to the public.

Tax rate will be the same as Allen's

Current rate $1.8234, no secondary schools on the ground yet.

Projected tax rate to reach $1.99

Lovejoy High School will have 225,000 square feet

Lovejoy High school square footage reduced by over 25,000 square feet.

New! Oct 2004
Lovejoy now stating need to have additional bond election to expand high school.



  • Rich Hickman
    (President Lovejoy School Board - reelected 2005)
  • Scott Drablos
    (vacated board seat at term completion May 2003 - one month after successful bond election to build secondary schools)
  • Gary Rodenbaugh
    (vacated board seat at term completion May 2003 - one month after successful bond election to build secondary schools
    Serves on the Collin County Tax Appraisal Board)
  • Bettye Petree
    (vacated board seat at term completion May 2004, sold house in LovejoyISD and moved)
  • John Helm
    (vacated board seat at term completion May 2004
    Simultaneously served as Chairman of Lucas Planning and Zoning while on the Lovejoy School Board)
  • John Walsh - reelected 2005
  • Sue Hoffman
    (reelected May 2004
    Allegedly selling her residence next to Lovejoy as commercial property)
  • Elena Westbrook
    (board member May 2003)
  • Ann Casey
    (elected board member May 2004)

Lovejoy fails to deliver on all promises made to the community...
Why did Lovejoy ISD provide INACCURATE information to residents to get the bond election passed to build the high school?
Had the consolidation election passed and Lovejoy ISD consolidated with Allen ISD a second high school built would have been built on ANOTHER site in the city of Allen. A middle school was planned to be built on 2551 across from Parker Lake Estates. The 90 acre middle school site has since sold to a developer.


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