Lovejoy ISD Gives Business to
Fellow School Board Member

VP of the Lovejoy School Board until 2008, John Walsh, owner of Bestway Office Supply was paid by Lovejoy ISD:
$28,909 - Jan 2009
$4237 - Feb 2009
$4941 - Mar 2009

$124,973 - Jan-Dec 2008
- Jan-Dec 2007
$142,121 - 2005-2006 Fiscal Year (page 22 FIRST Report)
$341,354 - 1996-97 to 2004-05 Public Information Request
$746,956 (does not include years 1992-1996 & half of 2006)

Based on a public information request, Mr. Walsh was paid approximately $341,354.44 from school years 1996-97 to 2004-2005 by Lovejoy ISD. The majority was earned before Mr. Walsh filed a conflict of interest form required by Section 176.006 Local Government Code.

Lovejoy ISD charged a hefty $400 for the public information request in an attempt to keep the information out of public hands.
After being exposed, Mr. Walsh decided to comply with the law, and his form stated that Mr. Walsh will recuse himself from voting to give himself business.
Mr. Walsh abruptly resigned after the Lovejoy ISD school board has passed a resolution not to give themselves business.

Lovejoy ISD is still doing business with Mr. Walsh over a year after his resignation.

Board members who voted to give fellow trustee business and the number of years they voted:
Rich Hickman - 17 or more years
Elena Westbrook - 6 years
Lynette McDonald - 6 years
Mike Guilbeau - 5 years
Ann Casey - 5 years
Lisa Ellrich - 2 years

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