Is Your School Infested With Ed Lice?

Parasite -
An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

Head Lice and Ed Lice are common problems faced by schools. Ed lice are parasites closely related to Head lice. They feed on unsuspecting parents and children. They feed exclusively on tax dollars! Their bites often result in an allergic reaction. Some humans tend to react more strongly to ed lice bites (they become sensitized), while others may never react no matter how many times they are bitten. In those instances where infestations are heavy and people are bitten many times, the bites are so annoying that a person will lose considerable sleep, and they may suffer from household and academic deficiencies due to the loss of tax dollars.

Because of their inconspicuous nature, Ed Lice can be transported from one school to another by TASB, TASA, education conferences, and a variety of other ways. Once in, Ed Lice can hide almost anywhere. As one might suspect, they tend to be found around school budgets and contracts, hiding in school finance lingo, land deals, and construction costs, but they can also be found behind special interest legislation, under consulting contracts, and even behind statements like "We're doing it for the kids".

Control of a Ed Lice infestation requires the careful examination of motives, promises made and kept, curriculum and school financial records.
Because Ed Lice are inconspicuous, most humans do not know they have been infested. Many humans do not recognize the symptoms of Ed Lice, but do have a general feeling that something is not quite right.

Many humans, unable to shake the feeling, will move to another school which may also be infested. Other humans will ignore the symptoms, thinking it is just in their head, which only increases infestation.

The only effective extermination method is to shine a spotlight directly on the Ed Lice. They do not like being under a light and will first try to hide. Perseverance is the key to effective extermination. Parents of infested schools must continue shining a light in all corners of school finance until they run the Ed Lice out of their schools. Unfortunately, like cockroaches, Ed Lice tend to scurry to the next host and infest neighboring schools.

Constant vigilance is the only protection against resident Ed Lice and migrating Ed Lice.

Ed Lice are equal opportunity parasites; they do not respect socioeconomic class distinctions. Their presence does not denote a lack of parental care.

How can I treat a Ed Lice infestation?
The most important step in treating an ed lice infestation is to treat the infested school or school board with constant supervision, spotlighting any suspicious activity.

Prevent Reinfestation: Ed Lice are most commonly spread directly by TASB, TASA and other educrat-friendly mechanisms.
Any change in school leadership is a possible point of reinfestation. Only vigilant parents, teachers and good administrators, working as a team can prevent reinfestation.

Avoid school board members and employees who provide "feel good" explanations for lack of fiscal accountability or responses to reasonable questions. All answers should be backed up with meaningful numbers and data.

If you find this offensive, you may be infested.


Parasite exterminator award Ed Lice Exterminator of the Month award goes to the "Dallas Morning News" for their coverage of TAKS cheating. Thank you Dallas Morning News!
Honest schools that do not cheat on TAKS are getting penalized in a system that will not investigate cheating when discovered.




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